What Smell Do Turkeys Hate

Hey everyone! I heard somewhere that turkeys have a strong sense of smell. Does anyone know what odors they really can’t stand?

I’m not entirely sure, but my grandpa used to say that turkeys dislike any unnatural smells. Things like gasoline or chemicals used around the farm.

That makes sense! Predators like foxes might be deterred by those smells, so maybe it’s a defense mechanism?

Interesting point! Has anyone tried using specific scents to keep turkeys away from certain areas?

This is a fascinating topic. Anyone know if there’s truth to the idea that turkeys hate the smell of citrus fruits?

Actually yes, I’ve read a study suggesting that strong citrus scents are deterrents for many birds, turkeys included. It’s the sharp, acidic smell that they find off-putting.

Just tossing this into the mix - wouldn’t the scents or smells that turkeys hate depend largely on their individual experiences?

Definitely a good point, MouseHater22. Turkeys, like many animals, can develop aversions based on negative experiences associated with certain scents.

Absolutely! A turkey that’s had a scare near a herb garden might come to dislike the smell of those herbs, for example.

Are there any smells known to universally repel turkeys, something that could be used as a repellent?

Not universally, but many farmers use a mix of predator urine smells to keep wildlife at bay, that might include turkeys.

Predator scents are definitely a strong deterrent. However, it’s important to note that using them can disrupt the natural behavior of the turkeys, which isn’t always ideal.