What kills frogs?

Hello everyone!
Let’s dive into the world of frogs and discuss the factors threatening their existence. From habitat loss to pollution, what’s endangering our amphibian friends?

There are many factors that contribute to frog mortality, but habitat loss has a huge impact. As wetlands dry up, frogs lose their homes and breeding grounds.

To add to that, diseases like chytrid fungus are devastating to frog populations globally. It’s a skin disease that’s highly infectious and often fatal for them.

Pesticide use is another biggie. Frogs absorb substances through their skin, and since they often live in or near agricultural areas, they can be especially vulnerable to runoff.

Not to mention direct pollution. Chemical spills and illegal dumping in waterways can be instant death for aquatic and semi-aquatic creatures like frogs.

What’s the deal with all these deformed frogs being found? Is pollution causing that?

Yes, and it’s not just deformities. Also, endocrine disruptors can mess with their growth and development, leading to all kinds of health issues.

Climate change must be affecting them too, right?

Absolutely. Altered weather patterns can mess with their breeding cycles, and rising temperatures might favor the spread of the diseases affecting frogs.

Invasive species are also a huge problem. They can outcompete native predators or even prey directly on local frog species, decimating populations.

Yeah, and sometimes these invasive predators don’t have natural predators of their own in the new environments, so their numbers can grow unchecked.