Does coffee grounds deter squirrels?

Hi, I’ve been gardening for years and I recently stumbled across a tip that coffee grounds could deter squirrels. Has anyone tried this before? Do you spread the grounds around your plants?

Hey Jill! I tried sprinkling coffee grounds last spring. It seemed to work for a short time, but the effect didn’t last. Maybe reapplying regularly would help?

Regular application is key as the smell loses strength over time. Plus, it’s good for your soil!

@GreenFingersMcP Exactly! It’s all about maintenance. Also, coffee grounds add nitrogen, attracting worm friends!

I prefer to use a mix of coffee grounds and crushed red pepper. The combination seems to keep the squirrels at bay!

I heard about coffee grounds too, but didn’t they attract other animals like cats? Last thing I want is a cat-squirrel showdown in my garden.

That’s interesting! But I think the acidity of the coffee will affect the soil quality for certain plants.

The acidity can be beneficial for acid-loving plants like azaleas and blueberries, but you’d want to be careful with other types.

That sounds cool, but we should consider if the coffee grounds are actually deterring the squirrels or if we are just masking the plants’ scent.

Honestly, you’re better off with a more substantial barrier. Coffee grounds haven’t kept the squirrels from my hazelnut trees at all.

I’m a bit skeptical about this. Won’t the coffee grounds attract other animals or even mold if they get wet?

I’ve found mixing coffee grounds with something else, like crushed pepper flakes, makes it a more effective repellent. Could be worth a try!

If they actually deter pests. It’s a great way to recycle and reduce waste!

Yes, real knowledge comes from practice!

Does anyone worry that using coffee grounds might harm the squirrels or the environment?

I had the same concern, but as far as I’ve researched, coffee grounds are non-toxic to squirrels. They just don’t like the strong smell.

Absolutely, I’ve been using coffee grounds in moderation and observed it also deters cats from the neighborhood.