Do dogs like the smell of coffee grounds?

Curious about canine preferences? Join the discussion on whether dogs are fans of coffee grounds’ aroma! Share your insights and experiences!

I’ve always wondered if dogs can appreciate the smell of fresh coffee grounds like we do, or is it too strong for them?

I’m pretty sure it depends on the dog. I’ve heard that some canines are attracted to the smell, but others might find it overwhelming.

My dog takes a curious sniff but doesn’t linger. Probably not his favorite.

For the aroma of coffee, while some might like it, it’s probably not ‘exciting’ for dogs like meat or something natural.

My pup goes crazy for the smell of my morning brew, so I guess some do like it!

Maybe your pup just likes the aroma of coffee, but not if it’s coffee grounds :smile:

Oh…Interesting because mine turns away from it. I think the smell is too intense for him hahaha

Dogs have such a wide range of preferences. It’s like us with perfumes or scents, some we love, some we can’t stand.

True. One of my dogs seems indifferent, while the other always sniffs around curiously when coffee is made.

:smiley:Yes, it’s well known that dogs have a good sense of smell.

Mine loves sniffing around the bag of coffee grounds. He doesn’t eat it, just seems to enjoy the smell.

Are we overlooking the possibility that while they might like the smell, it could also be harmful like chocolate?

Good point. Although not toxic like chocolate, caffeine isn’t good for dogs. Thus, even if they’re attracted to it, best to keep it out of reach.